Cornerstone Series

This boardroom table series can be categorized into two:
- Cornerstone 1000 Glass Top Buffet – Made of beech Lanuform, this table costs about $1,150 and is ideal for board rooms and meeting rooms

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Insert Boardroom Table

This regal, versatile table has a real timber veneer, along with contrasting veneer inserts. With shark nose edges and a curvaceous centre, the Insert office boardroom table makes for a sophisticated and chic piece of furniture. From Progressive Office, you can procure this marvellous piece at just $5,897.

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Floating Top Boardroom Table

Unique, exclusive, progressive – these three words can best describe this hi-tech table. Although the usual size of a Floating Top boardroom table is 3200L x 1200W x 725Hmm, they are available in different sizes and colors. The surprise is yet to come – all these modern and stylish features are available at only $1,445.

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Boardroom Tables: For an Elegant and Classy Conference Room

Boardroom tables and office desks are an ever present feature of most corporate decisions. While rarely noted, it is around these tables that all the crucial business decisions are made and from which power and influence emanate. For a large company, visionary strategic visions are laid out and acts of decisive leadership take place around the boardroom tables. Since a boardroom table is such an important centerpiece of a business, it is best chosen with immense care and consideration.

Welcome to Progressive Office! Here you will find a complete range of conference tables designed to offer the ultimate in luxury, comfort and productivity.

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Progressive Office: The Perfect Choice for Boardroom Tables

When in Melbourne, visit any of the five shopping outlets of and purchase the latest and the best boardroom tables and other office furniture including workstations at very competitive prices. Our stylish, immaculately-finished, versatile boardroom tables and executive furniture have been designed to perfectly suit modern, corporate and commercial offices.

Our goal is to provide you and your customers with the most luxurious office furniture in Melbourne, without the inflated price tag. Do not settle for traditional office furniture without experiencing our brand new, innovative collection of boardroom tables in Melbourne.

If you're looking for both quality and great prices for boardroom tables, Melbourne has the perfect solution for you in the form of Progressive Office. We host only the best and finest quality office furniture in a wide array of contemporary and classic designs. In this way, we ensure that you find a product that will suit your taste, along with your highly important office decor. Our massive collection of boardroom tables includes:

- Tempo boat-shaped boardroom tables
- The Cornerstone 1000 and 2000 series
- Extendable boardroom tables

Latest Boardroom Table News

Great Boardroom Table Accessories

March 29th 2012

While it may be taken for granted in many a meeting, the boardroom table is undoubtedly an irreplaceable piece of furniture in a conference room. Far from being just a table on which attentive elbows are rested as a speech or presentation is hard, it is the focal point of the room and adds a